Contemporary Women's Portraiture
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Thursday, February 05, 2015
By Angela Squicciarini
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In honor of Valentine's Day, I am highlighting my new genre of Contemporary Women's Portraiture!  I placed the photos of these women on my home page, as well as in their gallery.  In the last year I have added a number of these sessions and so totally enjoy them!  They are about celebrating women.  It doesn't matter how old you are, what size you are or any of that.  It's about celebrating who you are now and existing in photographs for yourself and your children and your family.  You are beautiful!  I love the expressions on these women's faces when they see their portraits, through my lens.  One of my friends posed for me for one of my first sessions.  She said, 'But I'm not glamorous.  I don't think of myself that way.'  Well why not?  She is a beautiful person, and I was so happy to show her that in her portraits. Why not take the time to get dressed up, celebrate who you are and look beautiful in photographs?  You can cherish that experience every time you look at your portraits.  Women care for so many people in their lives, and sometimes they forget to take care of themselves.  YOU deserve that day!  I hope you enjoy these portraits and think about doing a Contemporary Women's Portraiture Session for yourself. Bring your Mom or sisters and share the love!

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C .Burley - I have had the pleasure of having Angela's expertise used for our family portraits and the wonderful results that she captured in the photos of our family! She then included me in her Contemporary Women's Portraiture sessions and I was so pleased and honored to be a part of her work! The results of the Contemporary Women's sessions that she did in her photos of me were so uplifting for me and beautiful !Be good to yourself Ladies! Whatever photo needs you may have, Angela's expertise in photography and her perfection will surely be the correct choice!!